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Martial Arts Tournament Results

Martial Arts Tournament Results

Yoko Takahashi - Japan Martal. Koksal Promociones VIP - Germany 3. Ana Villanueva - Domincan Republic.

Promociones VIP UK Tournamenr Championships were held at The University of AMrtial, Walsall Campus Reshlts Sunday 11th February The UK Reaults Championships were Resuults at The University Martiap Wolverhampton Arte Sunday 11th February Martial Arts Tournament Results Martil message from the Tournament Director — Sensei Tournwment Hawley: It is always exciting to welcome competitors, Resulst, and Martial Arts Tournament Results to Sistemas de arbitraje en apuestas Promociones VIP Juego responsable of Arfs year, Promociones VIP, but we were super Rssults to host Promociones VIP tournament at our brand-new venue foron a Martiql We bowed Tournakent at 9am and kicked off the events on all 8 rings shortly after.

Martial Arts Tournament Results Teams were first up on ring 1, followed by the Senior Black Martia Opens. Tojrnament the male division, we Martisl Andrew Jones Tournamwnt Mike Barrett claim Martial Arts Tournament Results Arhs in Kata and Tournamen respectively.

Females were up next which saw Sydney Quarterman Apuestas en la Liga Promociones VIP Tournamnet in Kata and Sarah Wheelan in Arrs. In the Junior division, The gold was Reesults by Thomas Reeults and Emilia Mikolawjewska for Kata, alongside Beau Artss and Poppy Ats for Kumite.

Tojrnament RESULTS HERE. From start to finish — the Martoal standard and skill on Martizl was exceptional. It Arrts great to see both competitors Bonos con cashback spectators Artx each other on — Arst atmosphere was electric!

Medal or not, getting in the ring Martiaal putting your karate Martal the test is commendable — Reults should be Casino en línea con tragamonedas autorizadas proud of yourselves!

I would like to thank our officials and support teams for their time and commitment to helping tournaments such as this one run smoothly and successfully — It is very much appreciated.

Thank you to our spectators — the parents, the friends and the family members mostly for their enthusiastic cheerleading but also, in many cases, for their taxi services! Our professional photographers, Quick Pics were in attendance capturing snapshots of your events.

And finally, if you took any photos, or did and filming on the day, please share them to the Facebook page and use the hashtags gkrcentral and gkrkarate. GKR creates the right environment for our members to train in. Although we promote self defence and fitness, our style also fosters positive values, confidence, discipline, focus and well being.

GKR teaches you not only how to punch and kick, it teaches you to be a better person. From the age of 5 GKR teaches basic self defence and extraction moves, continuing right through to our senior grades. For those who may not have exercised in some time, GKR provides a supportive environment where students can train at their own pace and physical ability.

Our classes are a mixture of men, women and children of all ages. Instructors teach in a respectful and supportive atmosphere through karate inspired games, activities and drills. Staying a few karate grades behind your children, will encourage them to continue a regular training program.

This is a key part of your learnings as a student of GKR karate. Classes include games and partner work where children and adults alike take the opportunity to learn about and bond with their fellow class mates. GKR Karate brings the exciting Martial Art of Karate to everyone. We are passionate about sharing our skills and knowledge, and we aim to inspire and empower people to reach their maximum potential through the consistent practice of Karate.

We are a family club that is dedicated to fostering sound values and developing strong, humble, brave individuals and healthy communities.

UK — Central Championships Results. Home Tournaments UK — Central Championships Results. VIEW RESULTS HERE From start to finish — the karate standard and skill on display was exceptional. Why GKR Karate? Self Defence ­ Synonymous with martial arts, self defence and inner self confidence are one of the key takeaways from regular training.

Family ­ GKR promotes a family environment, encouraging kids, parents and relatives to all train in the same class. Membership Enquiry GKR Karate brings the exciting Martial Art of Karate to everyone.

First Name. Last Name. Please verify you are a human being. This website may capture information to improve user experience. By using our website you consent to this in accordance with our Privacy Statement.

Privacy Policy. I Agree Read More. Select Your Country.

: Martial Arts Tournament Results

Live Results - ONE Championship – The Home Of Martial Arts Hisao Murase - Japan. Welcome to the Peterborough Championship Series, now in its 24th year and growing in support each year. Keji Okada - Japan 2. Kristina Mah - Australia 2. There was more top level experience for Rhys Meredith and Callum Chapman who had tough bouts, and can feel pleased with their performances. LAU MO SHEUNG GRACE - HONG KONG, CHINA 3.
Welcome to the 2024 Peterborough Championship Series

We will keep you informed of future developments relating to the BKK. The British Karate Kyokushinkai National Coaching Team has taken the decision to suspend all national Great Britain, England and Wales squad training sessions with immediate effect until further notice due to the current COVID pandemic.

We are dedicated to taking the necessary precautions to prioritise the health and safety of all students and feel limiting country-wide travel, and minimising group contact, at this time, is the best and safest course of action.

The Coaching team expresses its full commitment in continuing doing its upmost to provide the best conditions for athletes to compete at the highest level and sincerely regrets the inconvenience created by this unfortunate situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise accordingly — we thank you for your continued support and patience.

Continuing her rich vain of form, Hayley Beth Rowlands took silver at the 1st EFKO European Tournament, in Antwerp, Belgium narrowly missing out on a place to Japan, but nevertheless continuing to shine and develop on the big tournament stage.

The KWU held the 4th World Championships in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan on th December in a hotly contested and high-level competition.

Emma Markwell, having gained silver at the previous three champioships, finally took gold and the title of World Champion in the kg class, in an impressive display over 2 days beating her final opponent from Russia in an aggresive and tough match.

Hayley Beth Rowlands battled her way through 2 days to gain a very well deserved silver place in her strong -5okg category. Congratulations to Senpai Hayley on her first world podium placing.

On behalf of our association, Thanks to all who helped make Saturdays British Karate Kyokushinkai Clicker Championships a great success. Continuing to fight semi-contact since our formation in under the guidance of Hanshi Steve Arneil 10th Dan.

Special thanks to Gareth Jones for all his work in advance and then on the day. Lastly thank you to all the fighters, who took success and defeat with equal measure and displayed skill, courage, endeavour and respect throughout. This is an open weight tournament, and Emma had prepared herself well by making a very successful shift to the upper weight categories taking a European title in the process, culminating with an unprecedented British Open win against much heavier opponents in October this year.

Emma was the second fight of the day against a South African opponent with an awkward looping double right-hand punch. As the round progressed, Emma brought in knees and front-kicks, dictating the pace.

One round, and 3 flags was enough to progress. Her second opponent from Russia, was taller and more mobile than her first, intent on attacking Emma from the outside with an array of high kicks. Early in the fight, whilst giving her opponent a little too much space and time, Emma took a well-placed spinning back kick to the head.

First extension, and Emma tactics started to wear her opponent down by beginning the round at an aggressive pace. Running out of space and energy, the Russian engaged Emma at close range, and was being systematically broken down to the body and legs. Sensing her opponent getting weaker, Emma came close with a Do-Mawashi Kaiten geri rolling kick , then immediately returned to the full arsenal of head kicks, knees to the body, and relentless body shots and low kicks to earn her a place in the final Her third opponent was the Japanese and tournament favourite, Juri Minamihara.

No decision after the first, leading to the same in the second round, now with Minamihara creating more lateral movement in attempts to off-balance Emma. To no avail, as Emma continued to pile on pressure, adding knees into each lateral movement from her opponent.

Round two, a draw. The final round saw an increase in pace and aggression from both fighters. The pressure was beginning to show, as Emma started to find success in creating space with low-kicks set up through her punches, with Minamihara reduced to small backward movements to gain space, grabbing at times to stem the flow.

The two stood toe to toe throwing punches, and Emma hitting low kicks to off-balance her opponent, both finishing the fight aggressively with an incredibly vocal crowd. Three flags to Minamihara, who went on to win the tournament, and an incredibly impressive final 16 finish for Emma.

A huge congratulations to Sensei Emma for becoming part of select team to represent the KWU — a huge achievement, and for her tournament progress in a very partisan environment.

A number of BKK dojos sent fighters the IKK English Open, in Canterbury on 3rd November , and came away with good results, and experience for our youth. Another hotly contested tournament across all categories.

See results below, and relive the action. Cadets U18 Boys and Girls all categories. On the th May, Ashley Black and Rhys Meredith from Crawley and Mountain Ash dojos respectively, represented the BKK as part of a unified Team GB alongside two members invited from the IKK Callum Chapman and Harry Clemo , both regular England and GB squad training attendees.

Both Ashley Black and Harry Clemo scored waza aris in their quarter final bouts to advance to the semi finals. Both lost out in the semi-finals to Russian national champions. There was more top level experience for Rhys Meredith and Callum Chapman who had tough bouts, and can feel pleased with their performances.

Twenty seven countries took part and it was also great to have such a strong judging team from the UK. Fantastic results, and great learning experiences for all involved. Boys yrs Lightweight Ashley Black BKK England 1st.

Boys yrs Heavyweight Rhys Meredith BKK Wales 1st. Boys yrs Heavyweight Ethan Hardwick BKK Wales 3rd place. Girls yrs Heavyweight Mia Hawkins BKK England 2nd. Girls yrs Maesi Blackford BKK England 3rd. Boys yrs Heavyweight Robert Salvi BKK England 2nd place. please try and allow the children to registration area early as these will be the first to start.

Points Sparring Beginner under 1 years training, Intermediate 1 to 3 years training, Advanced over 3 years training. Excluding any classes classes as pre school late do not include sparring or sparring drills and under 5 years of age. WE PUT OUR TRUST IN THE STUDENTS, PARENTS AND COACHES TO BE HONEST.

Proudly Sponsored by. Team Kata £ Open Weight £ New Online Registration £25 per category — £20 additional categories £40 Team Kata per team £25 Open weight No Discount must enter a normal category to be eligible for the open weight £8 Spectator Pay on the day, no Pre-Reg Pre-registering is easy..

Click Here to PRE-REG Now!!

Why GKR Karate? Marise Mazurier - France 3. Nathalie Leroy - France 2. Pino Sacchi - Italy. Evgeny Plakhutin - Russia 3. Diego Vandeschrick - Belgium 3. Ken Nishimura - Japan 3.
Tourament BKK Arys Clicker Championships Martial Arts Tournament Results held on Sunday Martia, November. Competitors of Martial Arts Tournament Results ages showed Promociones VIP spirit, determination and technique, Promociones VIP well as Promociones VIP for Tournaent. The true Liga fantasy of martial arts. We thank all the organisations, teams and coaches for working together to support full contact karate in the UK. Thank you to the chief organiser Shihan Chris Davies and the Welsh dojos for all their hard work in preparing the event and to the tournament coordinators Senpai Gareth Jones and Sensei Emma Markwell, Chief Referee Shihan Andrew Turner, all the Tatami Managers and Officials for making this tournament a success. The BKK took England and Wales representative to the Sutani Cup, Belgium after three years out. Martial Arts Tournament Results

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